Star Washers - Push On Fix

Starlock Fastener on a round shaft

We did a survey with our overseas distributors about the different terminologies used to refer to Starlock® Push-on Fasteners and we were fascinated to learn of the different names:

Let us know if you find any others.

For example, South Africa will use the name Push On Fix and the U.S.A. will refer to them as Star Washers with engineers in New Zealand being familiar with both of those terminologies.

Starlock® was the first and the original; be careful there are copies about, but if you want the Real Thing, buy Starlock®!

Starlock® the original Push on fastener.

Listed below are other names for Starlock Push On Fasteners used around the World. Do you know of any other?

Starlock Washer South Africa Starlock Fasteners U.S.A.
Push On Fix South Africa & New Zealand Hub Nut U.S.A.
Push On Nut Singapore Cap Nut U.S.A.
Push On Retainer Singapore Push Nut U.S.A.
Nut Retainer Singapore Stud Receivers U.S.A.
Starlocks New Zealand Shaft Retainers U.S.A.
Axle Washer New Zealand Spring Grips U.S.A.
Star Washer U.S.A. Push Ons U.S.A.
Metal Stampings New Zealand Spring Steel Fastener U.S.A.

Starlock® Push On Fasteners are used for and in the following:

Agriculture | Farming | Air Conditioning Units | Furniture | Automotive | Handicrafts | Axles

Household Appliances | Boat Assembly | Locks | Boilers | Marine | Braking Systems | Medical

Car Assembly | Office Equipment | Computers | PCB Manufacturers | Construction | Seating

Cookers | Security | Doors | Toys | Electrical junction boxes | Weighing Equipment

Capped Starlock