Manufacturing precision metal pressings since 1850

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Since 1850 Baker & Finnemore has manufactured precision steel pressings. From humble beginnings we rapidly became world renowned producers of some of the finest pressed pen nibs whose range of styles was numbered in hundreds.

As demand for pen nibs reduced we expanded into more industrial pressings and developed the patented range of Starlock® specialist spring steel fasteners. Since the 1950's we have progressively increased the range and complexity of the pressings we can offer.

Today this range of bespoke pressings are known by us as StarpressTM. They are predominantly produced from spring steel or stainless steel, but providing it has the right properties many metals can be considered.

StarpressTM Metal Precision Pressings

StarpressTM precision pressings are produced alongside our extensive and established range of Starlock® fasteners.

In some cases the technological know-how used to produce Starlocks® and StarpressTM are combined.

Through in depth application engineering with the customer Baker & Finnemore develop and test StarpressTM precision pressings.

No matter where they are in the world we work with the customer to ensure that the correct and fully functioning product is created.

By working closely with our customers we are able to produce innovative and cost effective fastening and pressing solutions.

First class, high quality service

We do not just make pressings, we manufacture StarpressTM precision pressings; products of superior quality, using high quality engineering and with total relevance to the application for which they were developed. Through the strict control of all of our processes we are able to offer a high class service where we continuously strive to achieve greater levels of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have world class customers whom we supply worldwide.

Modern design and development department

Key in house facilities that allow us to offer this service consist of a modern design and development department, an in house toolroom and a generously furnished press shop with high specification equipment and skilled staff. We also have our own high capacity heat treatment and finishing department.

At Baker & Finnemore, we offer a combination of high speed presses, and innovative tooling technology. This ensures we include both a wide range of materials and innovative, sophisticated forming capabilities in the manufacturing portfolio.

We produce StarpressTM metal pressings that range from deceptively simple flat designs to complex multi-faceted precision pressings with detailed close tolerance forms.

StarpressTM Quality

Key to our StarpressTM quality is attention to detail throughout the manufacturing processes and the tight process controls we have in place, this is backed up by our accreditation to TS16949:2009 and ISO9001:2008. We are continually looking to improve our Quality Management Systems, so we can be assured that we meet all of our customer specific requirements now and in the future.

Quality at Baker & Finnemore is paramount and this is reflected in the continued investment in leading edge measurement and analysis equipment and accreditation to aviation, space, defence and medical standards.

Backed by a team of highly trained quality engineers, Baker & Finnemore can provide PPAP, IMDS, MSA, Lab reports and full traceability back to the raw material mills.

Baker & Finnemore also certify each batch of StarpressTM product to ensure that only high quality products leave our manufacturing site.