Movies of Push On Fasteners

Supplied in spring and stainless steel, in a variety of designs and finishes, both capped and uncapped; it's no surprise that the Starlock® has played a part in the design of many thousands of products, industrial and domestic.

Baker & Finnemore Limited company video.

Starlock® application demonstration.

The fasteners are carefully manufactured to fine limits from the finest quality carbon steel and are specially heat treated to ensure secure holding quality.

They simply push on to the shaft to give instant fix and grip, thus eliminating costly threading and grooving operations.

Once fixed in position they are so secure that they cannot be removed without destruction.

The inlock fastener is an effective means of anchoring a thread stud into a tube.

Starlock® push on fastener on to a round shaft.

Starlock® used in an exhaust unit.

Starlock® applicator.
Starlock® assembly kit to help demonstrate how easy it is to use Starlocks.

A precision pressing holding a lock mechanism.

A precision pressing used to secure the top of a medicines box.

Starlock® Push-On Assembly tool to fit a Starlock® to a round shaft.
Using the Starlock® assembly tool, simply push on to the shaft to give instant fix and grip, thus eliminating costly threading and grooving operations.
The Starlock® Push on Fastener is designed for use where a quick, permanent and efficient means of assembly is required.

Starlock® push on fasteners used to secure rollers to a shaft.

Custom Precision Pressings.
Precision pressings are manufactured to strict specifications and close liaison with our customers.

Starlock® Push-Ons for Hardware.
Computer fan attached using Starlock® Push-On Fasteners.

Brake discs secured using Starlock® washers.
A video showing Starlock® washers securing a brake disc to a hub.

Square peg into a round hole.
A video showing inlock washers securely keeping a threaded rod inside a tube.

Cars use hundreds of Starlock®.
A video showing a door mirror hinge secured using Starlock® Push On Fasteners.

Your boiler probably has many Starlock®
A video showing a boiler part being assembled using Starlock® Push-On Fasteners.

Cuddly toy parts are secured using Starlock®.
A video showing toy parts are secured using Starlock®.

Turning the Wheels Capped Starlocks®
A Starlock® securely positioning a wheel to an axle, with a variety of caps finishing off the appearance.

Opening Doors with Baker & Finnemore Ltd.
Another simple but effective application for Starlock® Push On fasteners on Square Shafts.

Simplifying Manufacturing.
Starlock® can simplify many fastening requirements thus reducing costs.

Automotive Seating Easy Assembly.
Virtually every industry can benefit in using Starlock® to produce quick and simple secure fixings.

Precision Pressings for any difficulty.
Precision pressings can be designed for infinite applications in many industries.

Balloon Springs
Ribbed Balloon spring made from spring steel duly hardened as per your requirements according to the shape and size used by textile machineries for gripping the cones of yarns / cloths.

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