Push On Fasteners for Square Shafts

Image of a push on fastener on a square shaft type X

the 7mm square Starlock® 7066 features two retaining teeth and two flat legs pieced to the nominal shaft size for location purposes.

Uncapped fasteners are available in:

Diagrams of push on fastener for square shafts

Capped Fasteners

The majority of our Starlock® push on fastener range can be supplied assembled with a cap to conceal the fixing and enhancing the appearance.

Dome Caps, Axle Caps, Deep Axle Caps and Nylon Caps fasteners are available in a variety of materials:
Stainless Steel (S), Aluminium (K), Zinc Plated Mild Steel (A) and Nylon (N).


Shaft Size A/FLATS Part No. Uncapped Outside Diameter Material thickness Part No. Capped Size of Cap Dome Axle Deep Axle Nylon Remarks
7.0mm706618.4mm0.4mm72524SS ANStyle X
All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise stated and are subject to engineering tolerances.

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