Self Aligning Push-On Fastener

Illustration of a self aligning fastener for a round shaft with several types of caps

This development of the standard Starlock® Push-on Fastener is particularly useful for applications where the face of the fastener must be square to the axis of the shaft. This is achieved by the self aligning legs on the fastener which also give increased resistance to non-axial loads which may be transmitted from the adjacent part i.e. wheel to axle assembly.

Uncapped fasteners are available in:

Diagram of a self aligning fastener for a round shaft

Capped Fasteners

The majority of our Starlock® push on fastener range can be supplied assembled with a cap to conceal the fixing and enhancing the appearance.

Dome Caps, Axle Caps, Deep Axle Caps and Nylon Caps fasteners are available in a variety of materials:

Stainless Steel (S), Aluminium (K), Zinc Plated Mild Steel (A) and Nylon (N).

A   B C     Type of Cap
Shaft Size Part No. Uncapped Outside Diameter Material Thickness Part No. Capped Size of Cap Dome Axle Deep Axle Nylon
3/16" 7112 .450 .010 7253 2 S S A  
5mm 7121 11.5mm 0.25mm 7257 2 S S A  
6mm 7122 15.2mm 0.3mm 7258 3 S S A N
1/4" 7118 .600 .012 7254 3 S S A N
5/16" 7125 .600 .012 7255 3 S S A N
8mm 7123 15.2mm 0.3mm 7259 3 S S A N
3/8" 7119 .725 .012 7256 4 S S A N
10mm 7124 18.4mm 0.3mm 7260 4 S S A N
22.1mm 8185 29.8mm 0.4mm            
All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise stated and are subject to engineering tolerances.

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