Push-On Fasteners: Reversed Type

Image of a reversed type fastener type Y Image of a reversed type fastener type Z

A special Starlock® used where the form is reversed and the edge of the flange turned downwards, whilst retaining Starlock's rigid strength. It can serve a dual purpose on assembly, i.e. housing for a compression spring.

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Uncapped fasteners are available in:

Capped Fasteners

The majority of our Starlock® push on fastener range can be supplied assembled with a cap to conceal the fixing and enhancing the appearance.

Dome Caps, Axle Caps, Deep Axle Caps and Nylon Caps fasteners are available in a variety of materials:

Stainless Steel (S), Aluminium (K), Zinc Plated Mild Steel (A) and Nylon (N).

Diagrame of different types of reversed push on fasteners

Shaft Size Part No. Outside Diameter Material Thickness Style
3/16 7062 .495 .015 Y
7/32 7182 .600 .010 Z
1/4 7181 .725 .012 Z
12mm 8162 25.0mm 0.4mm Z
5/8 8115 1.368 .028 Y
All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise stated and are subject to engineering tolerances.

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