Push On Fasteners

Illustration of a push on fastener for a round shaft with several types of caps
Bakfin exports Starlocks and Push Nuts to the USA and Canada

The Starlock® push on fastener is a precision pressing produced economically to satisfy the demand for a simple efficient retainer for plain shafts. Push on fasteners eliminate costly threading and grooving operations, facilitate rapid assembly, and once fixed in position, are so secure that they cannot be removed without destruction.

Supplied in spring and stainless steel, push on fasteners are manufactered in a variety of designs and finishes, both capped and uncapped, it's no surprise that the Starlock® push on fastener has played a part in the design of many thousands of products, industrial and domestic.

Why Use Starlock Push-On Fasteners?

So simple, no machining and easy assembly results in a cost effective solution to engineering and machining challenges.

Illustration of push on fasteners versus other fastening methods

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