Push On Bolt Retainer

Changes have been made to the European machine directive to improve health and safety. Components (bolts, screws etc) are to be secured whilst in transit and prior to assembly. The bolt retainer was design specifically to assist in complying with this directive as it secures threaded bolts.

Advantages: The bolt retainer is simple to assemble with minimum effort. The bolt is positioned in its location hole in the assembly. With bolt in this position the bolt retainer is simply pushed on to the threaded end of the bolt and along the thread towards the bolt head, securing the bolt head against its location. The bolt is now secured and will remain in place during transit. With the bolt secured assembly is easier, quicker and safer.

These bolt retainers are designed to push on to a screw or bolt in order to simply retain it whilst in transit prior to final assembly operations.

The teeth on the Push On Bolt Retaining Washer fold flat when the mating panel is presented and screwed down with minimal thickness added to the assembly.

Recent regulations regarding movable guards and the retention of their retaining bolts, is a good example of an application where this product can be used.

This product in some regions is known as a "bolt retaining washer", but we prefer it to be known as a "bolt retaining push on fastener", a much better term for a precision produced component.

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Illustration of a 4 leg Push On Bolt Retainer. Illustration of a 5 leg Push On Bolt Retainer. Illustration of a 6 leg Push On Bolt Retainer. Illustration of a Push On Bolt Retainer. Diagram of an axle type bolt retainer.
To suit size thread Part no. Outside Diameter Height Material thickness Legs
M4 8237 10.00mm 1.6mm 0.3mm 4
M5 8238 10.00mm 1.6mm 0.3mm 4
M6 8239 12.50mm 2.0mm 0.3mm 5
M8 8240 16.00mm 2.3mm 0.4mm 6
M10 8241 19.75mm 2.6mm 0.4mm 6
M12 8242 21.40mm 2.6mm 0.4mm 6
All dimensions shown are subject to engineering tolerances.
These fasteners are supplied in bronze and varnish BV finish as standard, other finishes may be subject to a minimum quantity.

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