Pin Retainers

Image of a pin retainer

This pin retainer is used particularly to secure upholstery buttons to furniture and another use is found in the clothing industry to hold badges and buttons in place. Our pin retaining type fastener is only available in spring steel.

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Uncapped fasteners are available in:

Diagram of a pin retainer
Shaft Size Part No. Outside Diameter Material Thickness
.048mm 7069 .469 - 11.9mm .008" - 0.2mm
.048mm 8100 .599 - 15.21mm .008" - 0.254mm
.048mm 7070 .633 - 16.1mm .008" - 0.2mm
.048mm 7072 .773 - 19.6mm .008" - 0.2mm
.048mm 8133 .992 - 25.2mm .012" - 0.3mm
All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise stated and are subject to engineering tolerances.

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