How to choose your Starlock® products

Starlock Fasteners with Caps
Bakfin exports Starlocks and Push Nuts to the USA and Canada

Starlock® capped and uncapped, the prefix is the finish or material.
Capped Starlocks are available in many varieties.

2 digit prefix (Material)

BV = Bronze and Varnish for metric and Blue and Varnish for Imperial sizes.Bronze & Varnish (BV)
DT = Mechanical Zinc Plated.Mechanical Zinc Plated (DT)
S = Stainless Steel.Stainless Steel (SS)

4 digit part number examples: BV/6493 DT/6493 S/6493

FinishPart Number

3 Digit suffix (Capped parts only) examples: BV/6666/03S BV/6666/33S BV/6666/43A

Capped Starlock® fasteners are available in Stainless Steel (S) Zinc Plated Mild Steel (A).

FinishPart NumberCap SizeDome SuffixAxle SuffixExtra Deep Suffix

Examples: To order a capped Starlock®

BV/6666/03S = Bronze/Varnish Starlock® 6666, capped, with size 3, dome, Stainless Steel cap
S/6666/33S = Stainless Steel Starlock® 6666, capped, with size 3, axle, Stainless Steel cap

Please email sales for more information.

DomeAxleDeep Axle
Dome cap Starlock Axle cap Starlock Deep Axle cap Starlock