Push On Fastener Assembly Tools

Photo of a Starlock<sup>®</sup> assembly tool

Starlock® Assembly Tools

Hand assembly tools are available for the majority of Starlock® fasteners.

When ordering please indicate the Starlock® part number from the list below.

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Part numberTypeFor Capped / Uncapped    To suit o/d or cap size
6111Magnetic FerruleUncapped9.7mm
6112Magnetic FerruleUncapped11.5mm
6113Magnetic FerruleUncapped15.25mm
6114Magnetic FerruleUncapped18.4mm
6115Magnetic FerruleUncapped25mm
6118Magnetic FerruleUncapped36.5mm
6119Magnetic FerruleUncapped6.35mm
6381Magnetic FerruleCapped10.67mm / 01S Cap
6382Magnetic FerruleCapped12.32mm / 02S Cap
6383Magnetic FerruleCapped16.32mm / 03S Cap
6384Magnetic FerruleCapped19.81mm / 04S Cap
6385Magnetic FerruleCapped26mm / 05S Cap
6387Magnetic FerruleCapped7.2mm / 00S Cap
6388Magnetic FerruleUncapped41.28mm
6389Magnetic FerruleCapped38.2mm / 07S Cap
6391Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped9.7mm
6392Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped11.5mm
6393Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped15.25mm
6394Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped18.4mm
6395Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped25mm
6398Magnetic FerruleCapped43mm / 09S Cap
6400Magnetic FerruleUncapped28.15mm
6893Magnetic FerruleCapped29.4mm / 06S Cap
6897Magnetic FerruleCapped39.8mm / 08S Cap
6898Extended Magnetic FerruleUncapped6.35mm
7011Magnetic FerruleCapped10.67mm / 31S Cap
7012Magnetic FerruleCapped12.45mm / 32S Cap
7013Magnetic FerruleCapped16.26mm / 33S Cap
7014Magnetic FerruleCapped19.82mm / 34S Cap
7015Magnetic FerruleCapped26.11mm / 35S Cap
7044Magnetic FerruleCapped12.32mm / 42A Cap
7045Magnetic FerruleCapped16.13mm / 43A Cap
7046Magnetic FerruleCapped19.74mm / 44A Cap
6110/S/6111Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped9.7mm
6110/S/6112Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped11.5mm
6110/S/6113Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped15.25mm
6110/S/6114Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped18.4mm
6110/S/6115Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped25mm
6110/S/6119Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StUncapped6.35mm
6110/S/6381Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StCapped10.67mm / 01S Cap
6110/S/6382Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StCapped12.32mm / 02S Cap
6110/S/6383Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StCapped16.32mm / 03S Cap
6110/S/6384Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StCapped19.81mm / 04S Cap
6110/S/6385Non-magnetic Ferrule/Handle/TUF for St/StCapped26mm / 05S Cap

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