Press Releases from Bakfin

Press release May 2016

Hydroclear: A New Finish

Draft of letter being sent to the customers of BakFin

Dear Customer

Our records indicate that you have previously purchased Starlock push on fasteners with our proprietary Bronze/Blue and varnish finish ('BV'), and we are writing to you today to advise that this particular finish will be discontinued on the 30/06/2017.

We understand that the requirements of our customers, as well as environmental and health and safety regulations mean that the BV finish is no longer the best choice of finish for our parts. Instead, available immediately is an alternative - MacDermid Hydroclear Water Based Lacquer #166355. The Hydroclear finish, or 'HC' is available on all Starlocks. It is recognised across many industries, including automotive and also offers a guaranteed, measurable level of performance - unlike BV.

It is expected that some of the BV parts you have bought in the past may be used in automotive applications, and have therefore in advance produced some stock of these parts so that they can be sampled, tested and approved by you and your customers. As well as samples, we have produced PPAP documentation and IMDS submissions so that where applicable the changeover process from BV to HC can be started.

Lastly, we are happy to confirm that the HC parts will be priced exactly the same as the BV parts.

If you require any further information regarding the above please contact either myself or our sales desk and we will be happy to assist with any query. We kindly ask you to note that whilst we are currently able to supply both the BV and HC finish, as of the 01/07/2017 we will only be able to offer new production in the HC finish.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Styles
Sales Director

Press release November 2012

From 2 January 2013 the long standing Distribution Agreement between Baker & Finnemore and BV Pressmetaal covering sales to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland will come to end.

BVP Pressmetaal will not be able to purchase or distribute Starlock® products, nor any other similar fasteners, capped or uncapped from 2 January 2013.

It is our intention to ensure that all the Distributors and their customers currently served through BV Pressmetaal will have the minimum disruption. We are working with BV Pressmetaal to achieve a smooth transfer to the new Distribution Network.

Any queries should be sent to our Internal Sales Manager Ian Styles.

Full details of the Baker & Finnemore Distribution Network will be available on this website from 2 January 2013.

Press release September 2012.

The Directors of Gebruder Titgemeyer Beteiligungsgesellshaft (Titgemeyer) are delighted to announce that they have completed the purchase of Baker and Finnemore (BakfinTM). Titgemeyer is a family owned group of companies based in Osnabruck in Germany. This purchase increases their commitment to UK manufacturing and is complementary to their existing company based in Tipton (Titgemeyer U.K).

BakfinTM, based in Newhall Street in Birmingham, are best known as the manufacturers of the Starlock® spring steel fastener and other specialised pressings. Like Titgemeyer they are over 110 years old and have been a supplier to Titgemeyer since the 1960's.

Manfred Titgemeyer told the workforce at BakfinTM that the Company would continue to trade as an independent Company within the Titgemeyer Group under the name of Baker and Finnemore, based here in Birmingham. The intention is to support and grow their new acquisition. With the strength of the multi-national Titgemeyer Group behind it there will be every opportunity to expand export sales beyond the already impressive 50% of production.

David Harrison has taken over as Managing Director. He has many years' experience of the Fastener Industry, having previously been Managing Director of Titgemeyer (UK) and of Lintite Systems within the Linread Group.