DeltaBolt® Lockbolt System


High performance pin and collar fastening system designed and developed using 3D FEM modelling.

Superior two part fastening system with unique design but universal applications using industry standard tools.

DeltaBolt® pins and collars are the ideal solution for all applications requiring safe and secure fastening that exceeds expectations.

Whether you require safety critical connections in the automotive industry, vibration resistance in agricultural equipment or a greater factor of safety in commercial vehicle design, DeltaBolt® provides you with a fastening solution which is unequalled.

Pin and Collar Features

Superior Strength

The increased performance predicted by FEM model simulation has been confirmed through extensive validation tests.

Δ installed tensile strength
>50% more than industry standard

Δ permanent clamp force applied to workpiece
>20% more than industry standard

No special installation tooling

DeltaBolt® pins and collars can be installed using readily available industry standard tooling.

No tooling investment is required for existing lockbolt users to benefit from the improved performance of DeltaBolt®.

Delta Δ is the mark of quality

DeltaBolt® pins and collars feature Delta Δ marking that ensures DeltaBolt® quality.

Simple visual inspection before and after setting ensure safe and correct installation today and in the future.

Extended Grip Range

Lockbolt pins and collars have a defined grip range. The total material thickness must be within the grip range of the pin.

DeltaBolt® pins offer an extended grip range with DeltaBolt® flanged collars. The grip range is equivalent to industry standard pins using regular collars.

DVS-EFB Merkblatt 3435

DeltaBolt® pins are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DVS-EFB Merkblatt 3435-1 as Grade 8.8 bolts to DIN EN ISO 898-1.

Other grades are available on request.


Higher strength than other lockbolt systems

Increased strength offers an additional factor of safety for existing applications

Manufactured in accordance with international standards for industrial fasteners

Thoroughly tested and independantly validated for guaranteed

installed performance and absolute vibration resistance


Simple and fast installation

Can be installed using industry standard tooling

No new tooling required for existing applications

Wider than standard grip range with flanged collar increases

versatility and reduces inventory

Only simple operator training required

No Maintenance

After installation collar is permanently cold formed on the pin locking grooves

Grooves are annular so collar cannot un-wind

Permanent clamp is applied after installation and eliminates the need to check for loss of prestress as required for nuts and bolts

Absolute vibration resistance independently verified and guaranteed

Cost Saving

Cost effective alternative to welding or bolting on high strength applications

Fast and efficient installation no rework required

No added tooling cost on existing applications

Efficient method of joining dissimilar materials

Visual inspection eliminates the need for expensive procedures like x-ray testing of welds

Time Saving

Requires only simple hole preparation

No time spent reworking after installation to repair heat damage

Can be used on pre-finished materials no need to touch up damaged surfaces

Visual inspection - quick and effective control of the installation process


Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with international standards

Manufacturing processes approved to the international automotive standard ISO/TS 16949

Quality products ensured by the DeltaBolt® Δ identification mark on pins and collars

Identification marks are visible even after installation