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Montage demonstrating that 500 million Starlock Push On Fasteners are manufactured every year by Baker and Finnemore... Starlock Automotive Titgemeyer Europe Rivetec Titgemeyer UK Starpress Member of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce quality accreditation ADS Membership Committee have accepted Baker and Finnemore Ltd as a Member of ADS.

The Starlock® push on fasteners are manufactured from finest quality high carbon steel and are specially heat treated to ensure secure holding quality.

Starlock® fasteners simply push on to the shaft to give an instant fix and grip, thus eliminating costly threading and grooving operations. Once fixed in position, the Starlock® push-on fasteners are so secure that they cannot be removed without destruction.

The majority of our Starlocks push-on fastener range can be supplied assembled with a cap to conceal the fixing and enhancing the appearance. A variety of cap styles and materials are available.

You can also ask for custom design push on fasteners for special applications.

Starlock® Advantages

Starlocks are made in Britain and exported World wide

Starlock® Push-On Fasteners from Baker and Finnemore

Baker and Finnemore is the manufacturer and major stockholder of Starlock® push on fasteners.

Starlock for imperial roundshaft Starlock for metric roundshaft Self-aligning push-on fastener Screw retainer push-on fastener Push-on bolt retainer
Capped Starlocks for imperial round shafts Capped Starlocks for metric round shafts Push-on fasteners reversed type Flangeless push-on fastener Tube clip type fasteners
Push-on fasteners for square shafts style V and W Bowed type push-on fasteners Tube washers Push-on fasteners for square shafts style X Belleville type push-on fasteners
Pin retainers push-on fasteners Push-on fasteners for square shafts style Yand Z Double D type push-on fasteners Inlock washer Assembly tools for push-on fasteners

Starlock® Push-On Fasteners, External Fixing Washers and Quicklock Fixing Washers.

Starlocks Push On Fasteners, they just push on and stay on!

They just push on and stay on!

Starlock® Push on Fasteners are available with or without a decorative cap. The caps hide the end of the axle and the Starlock® push on fastener when assembled to provide a cosmetic appearance.

The standard dome and standard deep axle caps are manufactured from Stainless steel. The extra deep axle cap is manufacture from steel and electro zinc plated.

The caps can be made from other metals, dependent on material specification and volume required.

Choice of cap styles

Captivated Starlock® push on fasteners are available in three distinct styles:
Dome Axle Cap, Deep Axle Cap and Extra Deep Axle Cap.

Special Starlock® Capped & Uncapped (Axle Caps, Dome Caps, Deep Axle Caps).

Baker and Finnemore has manufactured precision pressings (StarpressTM) for many years supplying the likes of the lock industry with strip formed lock springs, the electronics industry with heat-sinks and heat-sink clips, stainless steel grab rings for easy fix plumbing fittings, retaining clips for infinite applications, bearing retainers for the automotive industry and many more.

Bakfin exports Starlocks and Push Nuts to the USA and Canada

We also manufacture non-standard disc springs and belleville washers, waved (curved) washers, knob clips, corner clips and cable clips. Precision pressings can be manufactured from spring steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, beryllium copper phosphor bronze etc.

Please email sales for more information.

Starlocks Mechanical Zinc Plated Push On Fasteners Starlocks Bronze & Varnish Push On Fasteners Starlocks Stainless Steel Push On Fasteners

Starlock® Mechanical Zinc Plated
Mechanical Zinc Plating is universally recognised, as the answer to ensuring products have no hydrogen embrittlement.

Starlock® Bronze & Varnish
There are two ranges of standard spring steel Starlock®. One range for imperial sizes and the other for metric. For identification purposes a colour code is used to denote the ranges. The imperial spring steel Starlocks are colored Blue and the metric is coloured Bronze. The Starlocks are then given a thin varnish coating to provide a high level of finish. This finish will not protect against corrosion but is adequate for the protection of the Starlock® in most dry environments.

Starlock® Stainless Steel Push On Fasteners
There are many applications where the Starlock® requires a high level of corrosion resistance or it is unsuitable to use a plated finish. A limited range of Starlock® have been manufactured from austenitic stainless steel and are available to provide the answer.

Starlock Push On Fasteners

Starlock® Push On Fasteners

External fixing washers: for use not only on precision machined shafts but also on tubes, cast parts, plastic shafts and studs. The Starlock® Push On Fasteners are pushed on to the shaft causing the prongs to grip the shaft tightly, thus locking the washers in place.

Carbon Spring Steel and Stainless Steel.

Surface Finish:
Starlock® Push On Fasteners can be supplied in Bronze and Varnish, Delta Protekt or in Mechanical Zinc plated finishes and certain sizes are available in Stainless Steel.

Baker & Finnemore Ltd - Cold Forging Division Tipton, West Midlands

Baker & Finnemore Ltd - Cold Forging Division Tipton, West Midlands

Introducing TIFAS® Lockbolts and TIFAS® Deltabolts®

Based in Tipton, Birmingham we specialise in the manufacture of cold formed components including the TIFAS® Lockbolt pin and collar fastener system which are widely used globally and distributed through our Titgemeyer Group Network. In addition to this we are capable of producing bespoke components to meet customer specifications and also application engineered cold formed components which can be tailored to suit individual customer and application requirements.

As is with all Baker ® Finnemore and Titgemeyer Group manufacturing, quality is paramount and is never compromised. All direct manufacturing and supportive processes are carried out in strict accordance with our Quality accreditation which includes the international automotive standard ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Baker & Finnemore Ltd TIFAS® LockBolts are a high performance pin and collar fastening system.

The workpiece must be accessible from both sides and installation i.e. swaging of the collar onto the pin is achieved using power tools.

The system offers significant advantages including: